Acekard 2i firmware 1.4 1

acekard 2i firmware 1.4 1

acekard 2i firmware 1.4 1

 · Looks like the Acekard team have woken up! The team have today released their much anticipated DSi firmware 1.4.1 workaround fix. To use this patch you will need to load it using a regular Nintendo DS, DS Lite or DSi with firmware 1.4x or lower.

 · Fixing the Acekard 2i to get around the Nintendo DSi 1.4 firmware block. New firmware is located here: We used a DS Lit...

Download: Acekard 2i Kernel, Acekard 2 Kernel, AK2 Kernel, AK2i Kernel For Acekard carts from, there are different names for them known as Acekard 2, AK2, Acekard RPG, Acekard R.P.G, Acekard 2i, AK2i.However, they share the same kernel, firmware or software although Acekard 2 works for DSL and DS while Acekard 2i for iDS, iDSL, DS, DSL, DSi, DSi V1.4.3, DSi XL 1.4.3, 3DS 2.1…

 · Simple method & instructions on how to flash and update an Acekard2i to be used on a Nintendo DSi & NDSi XL running on firmware 1.4

 · The AceKard 2i is able to update its kernel so that it is no longer blocked by the DSi's 1.4 update. It is software based, so just watch the video. If you wa...

 · ok so I have a dsi firmware 1.4.1 and hear that the acekard 2i needs to be updated before use with the dsi, due to the new firmware. Can somebody please give me a VERY DETAILED guide on how to do this. Im not too good with computers so please make it as simple as possible. Thanks!! easiest guide will be chosen as best answer!

 · i updated to dsi firmware 1.4 before knowing what it would do and of course it blocked my acekard 2i from working. i dowloaded this fix for it unzipped it and dragged it directly to my sd card. i had to use a ds lite to get this to work because with 1.4 firmware dsi won't play your acekard at all. then just up dated from the ds lite.

 · After updating, the Acekard will appear in the firmware menu using an actual game icon: Danny Phantom - Urban Jungle (DSi v1.4.0) Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (DSi v1.4.1) Atama de Do! Koten Kotenko DORASU (3DS v1.0.0-0) Chessmaster - The Art of Learning (DSi v1.4.2 & 3DS 2.0.0-2) Hello Kitty no Panda Sport Stadium DORASU (DSi v1.4.3 & 3DS 2.1.0-3 ...

 · This is for AK2 and AK2i both. Official Version 4.21. Fixed 4527, 4543 and so on. Version 4.18. Fixed 3966 and 3665. Version 4.17. Fixed 3690. Please delete the …

 · Cette vidéo a été envoyée à partir d'un téléphone Android. DL : Buy your flashcard at the number...

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